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Thank you, Don, for your appreciation of the post on Linked-in, and for the citations of the use of X3D in Unity. Indeed I have used it for an (unfinished) project to have Unity as an editor for 3D websites.

I have expressed my interest to Mitch in the workgroup, and I surely like to learn more about the views and discussions on webXR.

Regards, Albert Jan

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On 12/19/2018 3:37 AM, Albert Jan Wonnink wrote:
> If anyone is interested to try, we have this Unity based X3D browser developed for testing AR/MR cases. Only a small part of the X3D specification is implemented, and we added some tags in a separate namespace for special purposes: https://www.v-slam.org/
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Albert Jan Wonnink, thanks for sharing this information.  Thanks also for your interesting public post, which matches many of the driving motivations of X3D Graphics International Standard and non-profit Web3D Consortium.

        The future of the 3D web, Published on December 7, 2018

Note that there have been several efforts with respect to Unity and X3D, maybe already known or perhaps they are of some use to you:

        Web3D Consortium Projects Wish List

* Unity Game Manager support for X3D exporter and X3D scene loader:

** Latest effort: UnityX3D project on GitHub (with Web3D 2015 demo images).

** Initial effort: UnityX3D project on SourceForge (with example conversion).

Next point of interest: please be advised that Mitch Williams is rejuvenating the VR/AR/MAR Mixed Augmented Reality Working Group, with an eye towards demos at SIGGRAPH.  (We are also looking at the upcoming W3C WebXR meeting at Samsung in Mountain View California next month.)  Perhaps you want to participate in that working group?

Agreed that a lot will emerge in 2019, this is why Web3D has an X3D v4.0/v4.1 strategy already in execution to capitalize on Web HTML5/DOM interoperability in tandem with content for VR/AR/MAR devices.  There are a lot of opportunities here for design leaders, early adopters, innovators and change agents.

        X3D Version 4

all the best, Don
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