[x3d-public] HAnim work review meeting minutes - lots of checking/improvements needed on example scenes and tables (DRAFT)

Brutzman, Donald (Don) (CIV) brutzman at nps.edu
Mon Oct 15 16:44:27 PDT 2018

Joe and I had another excellent, wide-ranging review today.

Conclusion: much work is needed to ensure that HAnim Architecture v2 updates are applied to example scenes and data tables.

Suggestion: everyone should also read Joe's "General Progress" email today.

Work lists follow.


1. *Things we checked*

X3D Example Archives: Basic, Humanoid Animation

ISO/IEC DIS 19774, Humanoid animation (H-Anim) — Part 1:  Architecture


a. HAnimHumanoid version is indeed HAnim 2.0, as listed in 6.2 Humanoid.  Hooray something worked!


b. FWIW, I don't like the protos in the specification because they include geometry - thus they can't be re-used anywhere.

The X3D Examples archive instead has reusable prototypes with a "children" fields for customizing skeletons in the following model:

	HAnim Prototypes

However the prototypes have simple names.
- Index for ProtoDeclare definitions : Displacer, Humanoid1_1, Joint, Segment, Site

These should be prepended "HAnim" to match the X3D nodes:
- Index for ProtoDeclare definitions : HAnimDisplacer, HAnimHumanoid, HAnimJoint, HAnimSegment, HAnimSite

*Actions*: Don will
- save out the the old file as 1_1 (and change Humanoid1_1 to HAnimHumanoid)
- save modified version for version 2.0
- confirm/correct all node signatures correct
- cosmetic improvements to chapter directory: number each item for quick reference of long lists
- cosmetic improvements to pretty print: left justification of index sections for readability
- look at all the DEF labels (provided as documentation)

These are testable in combination with the two "Proto Instance" scenes for Allen Dutton and Nancy.
- I will also look at whether some model renaming can make these easier to find.


c. AllenDutton.x3D failed in X3DOM because ProximitySensor isn't available in X3DOM.


d. Wondering whether/how to keep track of what browsers work for each HAnim model?

For each scene that we fix and confirm correct, we will also make a list of which players work.  "X3D Players HAnim Support" or somesuch.


e. DiamondManLOA0,1,2 .x3d models need to be checked


f. DiamondManLOA03.x3d and DiamondManLOA04.x3d need to be added.


g. Why are 76 Site nodes provided for LOA-0, event though it only has one renderable Joint?

Conceivably an interchange skin with geometry at each Site might be provided, matching each Site location.

Looks like those sites need to get added to the HAnim DiamondManLOA0,1,2 examples.

Joe has an example that might serve... we will keep going on that.


h. We need to create new tables for HAnim version 2, matching those in

H-Anim Tables of Names and Features

Action: I will save out existing tables as both version 1 and version 2, then we will work on confirming or correcting the version 2 tables.


i. Joe has a sophisticated LOA 4 scene, we will work our way up the mountain to get there!


2. *Specification comments*


Humanoid animation (H-Anim) Part 1: Architecture Annex A (informative)
Nominal human body dimensions and levels of articulation (LOAs)

Multiple occurrences of "humanoidBody" should be "skeleton" to match clause 6.2 Humanoid.

Dick, how do you want to keep track of comments like this against HAnim DIS?


(cough cough) having fun with HAnim!

all the best, Don
Don Brutzman  Naval Postgraduate School, Code USW/Br       brutzman at nps.edu
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