[x3d-public] HTML slider and TimeSensor scrubbing behavior

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This sounds similar to a scene I worked on at http://www.kshell.com/pages/cmmpoc/index.html <http://www.kshell.com/pages/cmmpoc/index.html> . I've got three sliders feeding into 3 position interpolators,
Because I load my x3d as an external file I have to run a javascript after loading that looks through the DOM tree and finds those interpolators.

But the relevant part for you I think, is to define a function which I call "moveInterpolator" and to set it as the handler for the 'oninput' method of the slider.
You can see it in the source html for page http://www.kshell.com/pages/cmmpoc/index.html <http://www.kshell.com/pages/cmmpoc/index.html>

Vince Marchetti

> On Dec 14, 2019, at 4:29 PM, Mike McCann <mccann at mbari.org> wrote:
> Hi Joe,
> Thanks for the memory jog. I recall doing it this way in pure VRML.
> What I can’t figure out is how to “route” the output of the HTML slider into X3DOM's Interpolators. Is there an attribute in the x3dom runtime that I can set?
> -Mike
>> On Dec 13, 2019, at 1:44 PM, Joseph D Williams <joedwil at earthlink.net <mailto:joedwil at earthlink.net>> wrote:
>> Hi Mike, 
>> Same as to do a slider control in x3d?
>> You disconnect the TimeSensor and drive the Position and Orientation Interpolators with a number you derive from the slider, I think.
>> Joe
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>> Subject: [x3d-public] HTML slider and TimeSensor scrubbing behavior
>> Hello,
>> I have a TimeSensor that drives Position and Orientation Interpolators via ROUTEd fraction _changed and set_ events.
>> The fraction_changed event out is also connected to an HTML slider (<input type=“range”>) via X3DOM’s onoutputchange() attribute.
>> The HTML slider shows the progress of the animation, but I’d also like to use it to control the fraction of the animation, much like one can scrub through a video with a timeline slider.
>> It seems that if I were able to set the fraction of the TimeSensor from the HTML slider I could achieve my goal, but there is not a set_fraction event in for it.
>> Is there a best practice or any suggestions for how I may achieve my goal?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Mike
>> P.S. Though my immediate need is to implement this in X3DOM, I’d think that this might be a common use case, so I’m cross-posting on x3d-public.
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