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Webmaster webmaster at web3d.org
Thu Jul 11 17:27:49 PDT 2019

[This is a copy of the message posted to Consortium members.]

Last night the final procedures were put into place that ensures that 
all accesses to www.web3d.org are encrypted. This concludes a 
long-standing project of the Consortium to keep our technologies up to 
date with the latest practices.

When you first access web3d.org using the HTTP protocol, you will be 
redirected to the same page using the encrypted protocol HTTPS. This 
redirections happens automatically. It was done for all pages(*) so that 
all attempts to login in to the member portion of the site are always 
done through HTTPS. By using HTTPS you and Web3D Consortium help prevent 
a third-party from eavesdropping on the communication which may include 
passwords or other sensitive material.

If you have a problem accessing any material on the site, please report 
it to the Webmaster so the issue can be quickly resolved.

(*) pages and other resources in the path /specifications/* are NOT 
automatically redirected to use HTTPS. There are software tools in use 
that do not support redirection. Even though redirection is a W3C 
standard, the decision was made to not include redirection for those 
pages. Note that it is possible to use HTTPS to access those resources, 
it is just not required.

Leonard Daly
Webmaster, Web3D.org
Electronic Services, Web3D Consortium

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