[x3d-public] X3D working group minutes 12 JUL 2019: X3Dv4 progress review: X_ITE support

Brutzman, Donald (Don) (CIV) brutzman at nps.edu
Mon Jul 15 07:56:36 PDT 2019

Progress report: X_ITE support.  Double-checks are welcome.

On 7/12/2019 9:41 AM, Brutzman, Donald (Don) (CIV) wrote:
> 4.*X3D Node and Statement Inventory Comparison*
> TODO no updates/revisions yet received: to X3D Node and Statement Inventory Comparison.
> 	https://www.web3d.org/specifications/X3dNodeInventoryComparison.xlsx
> 	https://www.web3d.org/specifications/X3dNodeInventoryComparison.pdf
> Most of the inventories are simply updated by comparing to each implementation's documentation.
> Now recording implementation support in X3D SAI codebases: X3DJSAIL, X3D Python, C/C++/C# SAI builds.
> Repeat request: We request that interested developers and users update their node coverage in preparation for the conference. We hope to show updated support for each X3D player (X_ITE, FreeWrl, Castle Game Engine, X3DOM) and X3DJSONLD.

Reviewed the following page and updated X_ITE support.  Since previous spreadsheet inventory, X_ITE Version 4.5.9 includes HAnim version 1, MultiTexture,
Picking, FillProperties, StringSensor, almost-all Rigid Body component, and almost-all NURBS component support.

	X_ITE Supported Nodes

This count shows X_ITE at a whopping 88% support for X3Dv4 nodeset, 222 nodes of 253.

Congratulations to Holger and all of us!  8)

all the best, Don
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