[x3d-public] My sincerest apologies!

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Sun Sep 22 11:10:06 PDT 2019


My understanding is that these are set in the Script initialize() method, I do not know if initialize() is considered input or not.


But they may be affected by the Script error previously mentioned, I guess.

It looks like the field is considered []


The goal is to create a grid as a part of initialization.  Since it’s 100x100, I figure I’ll save a bit on file transfer time.

Ideally, the ROUTE will only run once during initialization.

I agree that I have coordIndexes at outputOnly, which seems strange.  Hmm

Anyone have comments?

See attached JSON.

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From: Holger Seelig
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Tested your page in Chrome and Firefox and got these errors too:
Error: Bad ROUTE specification: Field named 'coordIndex' in node named 'Orbit' of type IndexedFaceSet is not an input field
Theses errors should be self explanatory.

Best regards,
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