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Thu Feb 11 18:05:58 PST 2021

In that line of thoughts, I like to mention about the Web3D user operated support group that we have on Facebook for about 1-1/2 year. Many here already know, but since a formal announcement was never made, I suspect more Web3D enthusiasts would like to join and help spread the word about X3D. We touch on subjects that may be considered out-of-scope for the mailing list, but we also see examples of Web3D scene and world constructions, videos and topics related to 3D and VR in general, etc.


P.S. Not an official Web3D Consortium group.


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> Can we create a Web3D zoom channel which is always open?  The feature
> looks promising, but I can't see if it costs or not.
> Sometimes it would be great just to chat, without using emails, members
> and invited experts only, I would assume.
> I know there's slash, but I'm not sure that got much uptake.
> I agree that email can be very effective, and it's recordable,
> archivable and searchable.   We also want X3D to be as useful as email,
> I would think.
> Proposed new motto:
> "X3D - Extensible 3D graphics...and as useful and easy as email"
> What does this mean?
> 1. composibility.   We can compose X3D in many ways.    With shapes,
> videos and text.
> 2. editablity.  We can change our and other's submissions easily, with
> credits. No vendor lockin, like a NSN node.  Authors may authorized or
> deny use.
> 3. communicability.   X3D can be sent over any transport medium.
> 4.  realtime.  We rely on fast networks for world downloads, but also
> rely on caches for extra speed.
> John
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