[x3d-public] Where have all the flowers gone? John status.

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Fri Jul 2 02:23:49 PDT 2021

I just looked at the the flowers.xhtml page, and neither the fragment nor
the vertex shader are working in X_ITE (should be similar to X3DOM.)

On Fri, Jul 2, 2021 at 12:17 AM John Carlson <yottzumm at gmail.com> wrote:

> 1.  Pages like:
> https://coderextreme.net/X3DJSONLD/src/main/html/flowers.xhtml are
> half-broken with X_ITE objects showing up in white
> 2.  Apparently, X_ITE has upgraded it shading language to WebGL2/OpenGL ES
> 3.0
> 3.  I don't want to go backwards and try to support an older version of
> 4.  X3DOM has some problems with X3D4 containerField non-synonyms (not in
> shown in above example).
> This works in X3DOM (note 6 misspelled containerFields--they use synonyms
> in X3D4):
> 				<ComposedCubeMapTexture DEF="texture">					<ImageTexture url='"../resources/images/all_probes/stpeters_cross/stpeters_back.png" "https://coderextreme.net/X3DJSONLD/images/all_probes/stpeters_cross/stpeters_back.png"' containerField="back"/>					<ImageTexture url='"../resources/images/all_probes/stpeters_cross/stpeters_bottom.png" "https://coderextreme.net/X3DJSONLD/images/all_probes/stpeters_cross/stpeters_bottom.png"' containerField="bottom"/>					<ImageTexture url='"../resources/images/all_probes/stpeters_cross/stpeters_front.png" "https://coderextreme.net/X3DJSONLD/images/all_probes/stpeters_cross/stpeters_front.png"' containerField="front"/>					<ImageTexture url='"../resources/images/all_probes/stpeters_cross/stpeters_left.png" "https://coderextreme.net/X3DJSONLD/images/all_probes/stpeters_cross/stpeters_left.png"' containerField="left"/>					<ImageTexture url='"../resources/images/all_probes/stpeters_cross/stpeters_right.png" "https://coderextreme.net/X3DJSONLD/images/all_probes/stpeters_cross/stpeters_right.png"' containerField="right"/>					<ImageTexture url='"../resources/images/all_probes/stpeters_cross/stpeters_top.png" "https://coderextreme.net/X3DJSONLD/images/all_probes/stpeters_cross/stpeters_top.png"' containerField="top"/>				</ComposedCubeMapTexture>
> However, containerFields with Texture trailing the side do not.
> *We need more work on backTexture, frontTexture, ... containerFields in X3DOM for X3D4. I use this quite a bit in my code.*
> 5.  *How do I implement chromatic aberration in X3D?*  (See PlayCanvas in flowers.xhtml above).  Preferably, not dropping into a shading language, so I can use an enduring standard.
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