[x3d-public] MultiTextureTeapot example using X3D3.3

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Thu May 27 08:24:59 PDT 2021

Interesting new example with magnificent rendering is now published, adapting work by Michalis Kamburelis and contributed by Rick Lentz, authored using X3D-Edit 4.0 beta.  Screenshot of examples index page attached.

* X3D Example Archives: X3D4AM, X3D for Advanced Modeling, Texture Mapping, Multi Texture Teapot

MultiTextureTeapot X3D example uses texture, material and TextureCoordinateGenerator properties provided by Castle Game Engine example model, applied to the Newell Teapot geometry. Also added X3D logo for coolness!

Four successful renders with stellar performance:

* X_ITE and Castle Game Engine are both fully consistent
* X3DOM has texture coordinate mapping difference
* H3DViewer has creaseAngle seams (but looks great)

Not yet:
* FreeWrl didn't show texture mapping
* Xj3D no textures but didn't crash (slowly making progress!)


Pretty promising warmup exercise on the way to X3D4 and physically based rendering (PBR)...

Each of the models in Web3D Consortium's X3D Examples Archive are provided under an open-source license.

Further scrutiny and improvements welcome.  Have fun with X3D!  8)

all the best, Don
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