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Joseph D Williams joedwil at earthlink.net
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➢ fluid encoding 

Yes, we need an encoding for the fluid. Wait, we have some hints! Some maths anyway. Now if we could just convert that Ber-whoever math into vizable streams showing flows and pressures and waves and resonances. 

It has been shown that if there exists a ‘standard form’ or a much-used form, and that it can be expressed in an xml well-formed or adapted to it, the automated parts of vizzing the model(s) and showing the results of internal or external driven simulation of realtime anytime interactions can be transformed to x3d. Possibly as easily as using style sheets. 
A great example is the style transformation of ChemML to x3d for visualization of various molecules and compounds. This also is shown by import of notnecessarilystandard mocap-style animation data in hanim V2 part 2.  An important consideration in the chem example is that the chem experts  cared enough to document a standardized model that used standardized parameters, consolidated in a standardized xml encoding. Since a standardized viz of this sorts of stuffs is a main reason for development of vrml and x3d, there was found an automated method to convert the chemical notations into arrangements of various shapes for our interacting pleasure. For the typical mocap data importation, enough experts cared enough to say: Well, if you can get at least this much standard-like skeleton animation data from a file, then x3d can likely make it work and is showing some tools to increase the value of that data. 
The main thing is finding out what that particular data model needs to produce realtime anytime interactive viz, then, if x3d can’t do it, then dedicated folk, like medical wg, figure out how to out how to upgrade x3d to match the established needs using established data and techniques. That is what I think I see happening anyway. 
So, there may be hope for a convincing viz of if stream speed increases then pressure decreases? 
Thanks All,

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How might one think of a fluid encoding for X3D?


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