[x3d-public] x3d minutes 20 May 2022: 35.4.2 LayerSet

Brutzman, Donald (Don) (CIV) brutzman at nps.edu
Sat May 21 07:36:31 PDT 2022

I rechecked the wording of 35.4.2 LayerSet after our meeting edits, and it
still seemed a bit choppy.


Here is an improvement without loss of original meaning.  Review and
possibly further refinement remain welcome.




a.	Mantis 1292, Layering component, numbering of z order of layers in




Numbering schemes for layers in LayerSet now seem pretty closely aligned to
HTML/CSS z order.  Nicholas will take one last close look on this.



35.4.2 LayerSet

LayerSet : X3DNode { 

  SFInt32 [in,out]  activeLayer 0    [0,∞)

  MFNode  [in,out]  layers      []   [X3DLayerNode]

  SFNode  [in,out]  metadata    NULL [X3DMetadataObject]

  MFInt32 [in,out]  order       [0]  [0,∞)


The LayerSet node specifies a list of layers and a rendering order.

The activeLayer field specifies the layer in which navigation takes place.

The list defined by layers contains the constituent parts of the scene. Each
layer is assigned an ordinal number depending on its position in the list.
Ordinals start with the numeral 0 1 representing the first item in the list.

The list defined by the the order field specifies the order in which the
layers are rendered. Each The number specified corresponds to the ordinals
of the layers. The order field may contain repetitions of the ordinals, in
which case the corresponding layer is rendered again. If the order field
contains numbers that are not ordinals assigned to layers, such numbers are
ignored. Layers included in the layers field that are not listed in the
order field are not rendered.

Object picking according to the pickable field of a Layer node occurs even
if that Layer is not visible.

Nodes that are not part of a layer are considered to be the first nodes in
layer 0.


all the best, Don


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