[x3d-public] SAI for scaling Humanoids

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Sat Apr 22 19:27:31 PDT 2023

Also, we could choose to develop a “HAnim scaler” within SAI, say with an
X3DJSAIL app.  Last I checked, there was not a feature to “multiply” the
Transform-Group hierarchy in SAI.  Is this something we want to add to
SAI?  I have also not removed children, except for dealing with PROTOs.
My knowledge extends to node creation, adding to MFNodes, setting SFNodes,
supporting CDATA sections and comments.

I have not worked extensively programming with SAI, even though I have
produced thousands of SAI programs.   Think of them as me doing
“write-only” apps.

I suggest we make the “HAnim Scaler” as a form of XML output from SAI.  I
understand these things have not been standardized, and I’m willing to sit
down to discuss requirements, as i have been doing.

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