[x3d-public] X3DJSAIL+OpenJFX for X3D4, Focus on DIS?

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Sat Mar 11 03:30:50 PST 2023

After doing some research, it looks like JOGAMP is currently not addressing
Vulkan, and LWJGL/libGDX/JME is.

My understanding is that Xj3D is based on JOGL/Java3D/Avalon.

What’s the best portability plan?   Let OpenJFX pick the underlying library?

Will continue research!


On Sat, Mar 11, 2023 at 5:08 AM John Carlson <yottzumm at gmail.com> wrote:

> I’m considering moving into X3D4 development with X3DJSAIL and rendering
> with OpenJFX.   But first, I want to make sure I’m not stepping on others’
> toes.   Is Xj3D stuck at X3D3.3 or below?   What’s the upgrade path of Xj3D?
> I personally have several Java projects which could use an infusion of 3D
> tech.   These are multiuser systems that could leverage things that are
> “slow graphics.”  Planning systems,  (meta)modeling systems, card games,
> chat, and other distributed/federated social systems.  These systems are
> based RMI and message/broadcast-based networking (think of something like
> NVIDIA’s Omniverse).
> Next, which form of Java 3D graphics libraries will continue to be
> supported into the future? Of my choices between OpenJFX, Java3D,
> JOGAMP+Java3D, LWPGL, org.fenggui and Avalon, which can I expect to support
> Vulkan?   How does Java and X3D work with Vulkan and glTF, especially PBR?
> If I continue to use X3D for networking, how can DIS/HLA support messages
> including images/maps, text, voice (for collaboration) and video?
> I know that Web3D/X3D is not really in typical “application
> development”—I’m not really expecting to use web protocols like HTTP, CSS
> or JavaScript.   SSL/TLS might be supported with a nonce (to prevent the
> same thing to be encrypted over and over).
> If this sounds a bit like Open Wonderland or RedDwarf/Project Darkstar,
> yes.   Think of it as Java+3D+networking.   I am unsure of avatars at this
> time—seems like a lot of complexity and expense.
> Can we build “lightweight 3D apps” which don’t require “the rest of the
> web” or “the rest of the IDE” bloat?
> I’m really interested in what’s known about Vulkan+Java.
> Where’s the WORA-3D promise?
> I would sure l like to hear some “we tried that, but…” stories.
> I’ll start off.  I attempted to create a visual programming language like
> http://www.dsmforum.org/events/dsvl01/carlson.pdf in 3D.   Unfortunately,
> I wasn’t smart enough to get the stacking of boxes to work in Java3D.   I
> believe there might have been someone at IBM who got the equivalent working
> with 3D tables.  The project was called “River” or real interfaces
> visualizer.  I’m unsure of any patents at this time.
> From my experience with Java3D, moving things around in 3D like you can
> with elements in HTML is next to impossible, but of course, we have
> particle systems in 3D.   I would like to see a demo of a table-based
> particle system before pursuing creating a 3D language.
> John
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