[Korea-chapter] CAD Working Group meeting (17:00 PDT, Dec 10th)

Hyokwang Lee adpc9 at partdb.com
Sun Dec 9 20:14:53 PST 2012

CAD Working group meeting is on December 10th Mon at 5:00pm PST.
(Dec 11th Tue at 10:00am KST)

Agenda items for CAD WG teleconference are as follows.

- Work in progress (to be discussed if necessary)
* NURBS component(vince)
* X3D Validator(Don)
* CAD working group strategies for NURBS and for B-REPS
* CADFace spec (Don)

- Other Issues/News (be welcomed!)

It can can be moved up or back an hour if needed.

With best regards,
Hyokwang Lee

- Building a set of example models to confirm correct operation
   and encourage the evolution of best practices : Teapot illustrations!
- A cool logo for CAD working group : One candidate is the Stamp X3D 
model v2.0!

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