[Korea-chapter] CAD Working Group meeting (17:00 PDT, Dec 10th) - minutes

Hyokwang Lee adpc9 at partdb.com
Tue Dec 11 19:23:14 PST 2012

Attendees : Dick Puk, Vincent Marchetti, Hyokwang Lee

> CAD Working group meeting is on December 10th Mon at 5:00pm PST.
> (Dec 11th Tue at 10:00am KST)
> Agenda items for CAD WG teleconference are as follows.
> - Work in progress (to be discussed if necessary)
> * NURBS component(vince)
> * X3D Validator(Don)
> * CAD working group strategies for NURBS and for B-REPS
We had a short discussion on this issues related with TC184/SC4 
The way to represent CAD data using X3D could be
a) mesh or polygon (IndexedQuadSet, IndexedTriangleSet, ...)
c) B-REP (under consideration)

Frow the viewpoint of TC184/SC4, a lightweight visualization format 
doesn't need
to include B-REP spec. since it is already well defined in STEP.
A visualization format is mainly for visualization but not for exchange 
of data.
So, it seems we'd better focus more on a).

b) has some strength in that it can possibly provide adaptvie tessellation,
or its resolution could be chosen with a user's interaction.
But this function could be a burden to browser venders,
as it's not an easy thing to render adaptively tessllated (trimmed) 
NURBS surfaces
without any crack on the Web-based environment on the fly.
Even though NURBS is not included in the CAD interchange profile and 
doesn't need to be
necessarily, it would be helpful to consider the possibility of applying 
NURBS on the Web.
There are some good testbeds such as X3DOM and Xj3D. : )

> * CADFace spec (Don)
> - Other Issues/News (be welcomed!)
To make a list of this year's results and accomplishments for the CAD WG!

There could be a make-up call next week or anytime when availalble with 
a notice in advance.

Thank your for your interest and participation!

With best wishes~
Hyokwang Lee
> ================================================================
> - Building a set of example models to confirm correct operation
>   and encourage the evolution of best practices : Teapot illustrations!
> - A cool logo for CAD working group : One candidate is the Stamp X3D 
> model v2.0!
> ================================================================

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