[X3D-Public] packaging browsers for Linux

John A. Stewart alex.stewart at crc.ca
Tue May 5 06:02:08 PDT 2009

Hi Lars;

Hmmm... One of our maintainers packages FreeWRL for Ubuntu and Debian;  
did you try the binary build?

email off-line, and I'll put you in touch with this person, and we'll  
see what problems you are having.

On 5-May-09, at 8:00 AM, Lars O. Grobe wrote:

> Hi,
> as I just did a fresh install of Ubuntu, one of the popular distros  
> and
> based on Debian, I found that now x3d-browser is available. For most
> users, this would mean no access to x3d, as they usually install
> anything by their package-manager (which is not a bad idea, as it  
> keeps
> track of updates). Anyway, I wanted to give it a try, but I also did  
> not
> manage to compile FreeWRL.
> The authoring tools are better represented, WhiteDune, Blender, all  
> the
> stuff is there...
> So I would like to know whether there is any information on getting  
> the
> open-source tool-chain closed to the browser is available -  
> experiences,
> ressources, attempts to compile and such stuff. I would also look into
> projects that need maintainers for distribution binaries.

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