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You get a demerit for having so many complaints about abstract classes, interfaces, non-working HelloWorld, which lead NOWHERE.  Please see:


For 10  working HelloWorld*py.  Where is your non-working Hello*py? Please add it, commit, push and create a pull request. Do not overwrite my working examples please.

Please find fault with my work there, instead of looking in files sourced from sourceforge.net

Don’t forget to set PYTHONPATH.

The problem appears to be with pyjnius, or not keeping within the scope of an interface contract.  You keep telling me to use primitive types and not wrappers, but you fail to give me an example of where primitives work well, and I have shown many cases where wrapping works well. In fact, using concrete classes is what makes wrappers work. You tell me to not to use abstract classes, but you don’t show me any examples of times when I am actually using abstract classes or interfaces.  Instead you misdirect to another program entirely!  This is why we are now working in another folder, to stop the witch hunting.

I will work with you within that folder to resolve issues (yes, there are “abstract classes” there.  The hand that reaches into the candy jar (www.web3d.org.../) gets baked.

As you can see, the files which you think are the cause of the problem (mapTo…, field…) are not in that folder.

I await your pull request or patch.

Whether you use “import x3dpsail as x3d” or “import x3dpsail” is up to the programmer or standards writer. I will continue to use x3dpsail in my examples. I can provide a standard format as another serializer if you desire.  Please point me to the serializer you wish to derive the standard style from.

We will keep the serializers and generators in a separate folder to avoid confusion.

Let’s find away out of the woods, please, and not bonk each other in the process. I agree that my generators need quite a bit of fixing.



>HelloWorld.x3d -> HelloWorld.py remains our canonical example.  We haven't nailed that one yet.  First things first please.

Nailed 10 times now, with different styles of API.

>> c) I’m waiting for you to show me something that has fewer errors than using the wrappers, like use a different serializer.

>Imagine every python programmer using a wrapper every time they use any node or any field... ouch.ouch.ouch.ouch.  Way too clumsy.

Still waiting.

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