[x3d-public] Is there even a *case* for client-side 3D at all??

Cecile Muller contact at wildpeaks.fr
Wed May 1 04:00:41 PDT 2019

Hi Jon,

Just wanted to add a few things.
It would be amiss to completely disregard gaming or the games industry,
this is where a lot (most ?) of innovation in realtime 3D is coming from
these days.

VRML (and by extension X3D) are great and I still use VRML daily (among
other formats),
like I have for about 20 years, but from the point of view of someone who
just came in 3D,
it's understandable they might wonder considering it's not a widespread
format anymore
and not supported natively in the major 3D engines, plus it lacks some
that are quite standard (as in "expected", not "ISO standard") nowadays.

And by the way, three.js doesn't really "use its own file format", there is
a loader for a JSON format
(just like there are loaders for many other formats) that just happen to be
the fastest to load to the scenegraph
because it's almost a mirror of its internal structure, but most people use
classic file formats
like OBJ, FBX, of glTF because it's a more convenient workflow.

Anyway, I'm going back lurking under my rock :)

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