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We seem to have similar goals socially. Please see 3dnpvei.com as a starting
point to follow links for the Office Towers world and the X3Daemon server. 

With regard to standards, most people grossly underestimate the effort
required to build a 3D MU system, and therefore attempt to re-invent the
wheel because they want to own it, which almost invariably fail for that
same reason (This is without mentioning the technical errors that often
ensue as well, making those system non-workable for all practical purposes).

While DIS is an honorable goal, it is less a mean than an objective (You may
also want to look into H-Anim which can be a very worthy component of such
system, if someone finally puts it all together). 

But these things take time and hard work from many. None of it is going to
happen until we all learn to work together into one common and coherent
system that will be gradually built up to the "Standards". 

To that end, it appears to me that significant investments are going to be
necessary to support the logistic and infrastructure of such endeavor, and
that advertising should be the driving force of a revenue model, not paid


PS. Statement below with regard to "Single user" is misleading. Systems that
can handle multiple users and world instances are available, even though
they may not fully adhere to an X3D MU standard that do not yet truly exist.

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Christoph Valentin wrote:
> Hello Alan
> I would say, first question is: do you need a standardized multiuser
solution per se or do you need the X3D standard just as data format and for
the 3D realtime system in a single scene instance (interactivity with a
single user)?

I want to adhere to the standard as much as possible because standards 
make life possible and because I want to achieve a good baseline.

> If you need standardized multiuser per se, then I would think about DIS
component or about Network Sensor. Find more information at

Okay, that's the type of information I'm needing.

> If you do not need standardized multiuser, then I guess there are a lot of
people at this mailing list, who will be pleased to introduce their products
to you.

I want to push the technology forward as hard as possible once I get 
this running so therefore I want to do my best to keep things open 
source and unencumbered.

This project is for an [dis]organization called Zero State:


> All the best
> Christoph
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>> Betreff: [X3D-Public] multi-user VR
>> Hello, I came across X3D in a search for a potential platform for a
>> multi-user VR system.
>> Right now I'm trying to figure out whether it is really feasible to
>> stream updates to the client and to use something like Ajax for the
>> client to talk back at the server.
>> Issues include integration with the physics engine and content
>> The bulk of the environment/utilities/ui components can probably be done
>> with fairly conventional java servlets.
>> Some issues I have is that the language used to describe X3D features is
>> sometimes misleading, an initial reading might make one think it has
>> some exciting feature but a more careful examination is that the actual
>> feature is much more mundane. =\
>> Another issue is that the documentation is difficult to navigate. It
>> should be provided as a PDF-book or, at least, with a full compliment of
>> navigation buttons. Instead I'm forced to read it by selecting an
>> article, then pressing back where I have to figure out what the next
>> article is from the contents.
>> But mainly, what I'm trying to solve is to verify that it is possible to
>> close the interaction loop with the server. It's the most critical
>> technological problem at this point. I need to find the
>> manuals/documents that will help me do this.


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