[X3D-Public] multi-user VR

Christoph Valentin christoph.valentin at gmx.at
Wed Sep 18 10:14:52 PDT 2013

> With regard to standards, most people grossly underestimate the effort
> required to build a 3D MU system

> But these things take time and hard work from many. None of it is going to
> happen until we all learn to work together into one common and coherent
> system that will be gradually built up to the "Standards". 
Fully agree

> To that end, it appears to me that significant investments are going to be
> necessary to support the logistic and infrastructure of such endeavor, and
> that advertising should be the driving force of a revenue model, not paid
> memberships. 
Not agree. Assume, you do not only *use* a scene to meet others virtually,
but assuming you *create* scenes, *demonstrate* your scenes to your friends
(be it facebook friends or real friends), meet your friends in your own
scenes and so on.
Then you will see the server operator as an infrastructure and you may 
be willing to pay him, but receiving all these ads from an infrastructure
provider, is quite annoying some times.
Just my personal opinion: I would rather pay a little instead of being
bothered by all those annoying ads.

Best regards

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