[x3d-public] Weekly Schema review meeting minutes

Roy Walmsley roy.walmsley at ntlworld.com
Mon Jun 8 12:13:25 PDT 2015

Meeting held 8th June 2015 15:00 UTC. Attendees Don Brutzman, Roy Walmsley,
William Glasgoe


Focus of meeting was the finalizing of Clause 6 Encoding of nodes for
19776-1 XML Encoding submission to ISO.


Noted hard work and many changes already agreed and reported in mailing list
and published. For details see Schema changelog
<http://www.web3d.org/specifications/x3d-schema-changelog.txt>  on Web3D web


1) Reviewed outstanding issues for updating the Schema. Agreed changes as

- Resolved differences in outputOnly fields for X3DSoundSourceNode and

- Removed duplicate set_bind field in GeoViewpoint.

- Added missing addChildren, removeChildren and children fields to

- Added missing containerField to Contact.

- Agreed text changes to some of the content model fields. Changed some
instances of "corresponds to" to "utilized by". Some content models are
effectively a listing of the concrete nodes derived from a single abstract
node, such as X3DChildNode. In this case "corresponds to" is correct. In
others, however, the content model name refers to the permitted children of
the node, such as in TextChildContentModel. In these latter cases a better
term is "utilized by", avoiding the simpler "used by" to avoid ambiguity
with the DEF/USE syntax.

- Added missing MedicalInterchange profile to both the Schema and the DTD.

- Fixed missing double quotes on forceOutput field in X3DRigidJointNode.

- Fixed missing double quotes on objectType field in X3DPickableObject,
X3DSensorNode, and PickableGroup.


2) Synchronised all auto generation tools. The following changes were

- Adding instruction to build.xml to automatically generate a VRML Encoding
of nodes file.

- Added missing Web3D_LB.css to SourceForge

- Fixed typographical errors

- Modified text for 6.3.1 Overview for content models in XML Clause 6.

- Added additional separator bar and fixed missing hyperlinks in XML Clause

- Added a test to detect missing double quotes on MFString field defaults in

- Fixed missing SceneGraphFragmentContentModel from Topics table 6.1 in XML
Clause 6.

- Fixed title and meta tags to show publication year 2015 in XML Clause 6.


3) Agreed outstanding issues still to be resolved (but not included in
submission to ISO):

- Content model for IndexLineSet, LineSet and PointSet.

- Content model for LayoutGroup.

- Interface hierarchy for AudioClip and MovieTexture.


4) Agreed to raise specification comments on:

- Missing enumeration string for MPEG-4 interactive profile.

- Missing Profile and Component version history in Annex Z of 19775-1.


Meeting closed 17:10 UTC.


Roy Walmsley

08th June 2015


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