[x3d-public] IndexedFaceSet as A-frame node

Andreas Plesch andreasplesch at gmail.com
Mon Jun 26 19:51:49 PDT 2017


shows an implementation of IndexedFaceSet as A-frame component and
primitive. But perhaps more importantly it features the banana.

Click on live for the scene.

It turned it only took a few additional lines of parsing code to enhance my
triangleset component to also deal with (convex) polygons.

As an enhancement I also added the option to be able to omit the coordIndex
(here faces) field to then trigger automatic (Delauney) triangulation of
the given points to a faceset. An idea for x3d v.5 ?

This is just an announcement but provoked me into thinking what other
critical x3d feature may be useful to implement in A-frame (apart from the
event cascade). Prototypes are more or less custom components. I have to
remind myself how a-frame animation works.

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