[x3d-public] why won't x_ite run this? JoeSkinTexcoordDisplacerKick

Andreas Plesch andreasplesch at gmail.com
Sat Sep 21 19:35:23 PDT 2019

x_ite may just not support skin deformation and animation. It is
significantly more costly to do than the regular transform style animation.

To get rid of the x3dom log, press 'd' .

multi index mode has to do with how a single vertex needs to be duplicated
to be able to be part of multiple polygons if there is a crease to render.
Creases look simpler but actually tend to take up more resources.

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>         JoeSkinTexcoordDisplacerKick
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> OK, when I reload the page x_ite, the stationary skin shows but no texture
> but everything else is there.
> When I tap the x3d version, my x3d browser loads and plays the thing fine
> in its own window.
> Now I finally see the x3dom click over on the right, which loads a nice
> html page with lots of other fun stuff and runs fine.
> I?ll try to get rid of the Warnings for ?Fallback to inefficient
> multi-index mode because creaseAngle =0? and ?Displacer in Segment?. I want
> to know about index mode and yeah this Displacer node could better be
> somewhere else in the humanoid hierarchy since it is animating the skin,
> not segment geometry.
> Thanks,
> Joe
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