[x3d-public] How’s John? What I’m working on next

John Carlson yottzumm at gmail.com
Sat Jul 10 17:19:55 PDT 2021

As some of you are aware, I have a growing mass on my kidney, with no
surgery or treatment scheduled yet, even though the doctor’s staff said
late July.  Our local doctor’s clinic got sold, and I’m now going to
another clinic, so I’m not sure about continuity of care.

I’m presently not in any pain, so that’s good.

I do not know the future of projects like X3DSONLD or if there will ever be
an X3D JSON standard.   My guess is that there will be some merger between
glTF and X3D worked out.

I think Blender needs a JSON, XML, STEP/EXPRESS or python dict full export
of .blend files.   I do not know if either Collada or glTF support that.  I
will probably start working on a native UTF-8 export for Blender.   I
believe that Blender will become more useful and open with a full, human
readable export, similar to how NeXT’s .nib format got converted to .xib
format.   I think there’s still plenty of room for things like typed arrays
in webGL and webgpu.   I’m not opposed to dropping into JavaScript or
shading language if they can be parsed with an import tool.

So that’s what I’ll be pursuing.   I don’t think we’ll ever see a good X3D
export from Blender unless the Blender team is convinced it’s useful, or if
someone starts fresh with the newest Blender API.   I do see usefulness in
“outing” the Blender format, and providing an upgrade path for Blender
import/export tools.

I’m guessing the final result will be something like STEP.   Alternatively,
I may pursue a “class grammar” as popularized by Cameron Browne on the
Ludii project.

I hope to protect import/export tool writers from the versionitis of the
Blender API.   If you’re a good designer or architect, I welcome your
effort on my team.

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