[x3d-public] X3D minutes: X3D Graphics Specification Relationships, request review of Integrating X3D and glTF

Brutzman, Donald (Don) (CIV) brutzman at nps.edu
Fri Aug 5 10:30:23 PDT 2022

Attendees: Anita Havele, Dick Puk, Don Brutzman


We normally meet Fridays 09-1000 pacific.  (Regrets, no meeting next week.)


1.	ISO Annual Meeting.  Dick and Don reviewed almost-complete annual
meeting of ISO standards committee SC24.  Our liaison report has been shared
with Web3D Consortium members providing detail on all Web3D X3D and HAnim
issues.  Once the ISO meeting resolutions are shared and reviewed with
members, we'll be posting the Web3D Liaison report for public awareness.
Summary:  everything we have declared is progressing well.


2.	X3D Graphics Specification Relationships.  We have made some small
adjustments to our (very busy!) chart describing all Web3D Consortium
standards, and how they relate to other standards.  Updated online at




Improvements to color legend:

*	Grey, Proposed
*	Orange, Working draft in progress
*	Yellow, ISO balloting in progress
*	White, ISO approved


Thus three standards are in ballot (X3D 4.0 Architecture, X3D 3.3 SAI
Bindings for C, C++, C#) and one standard is getting updated (X3D SAI from
3.3 to 4.0).


Of note is that rough-draft notes for (X3D SAI from 3.3 to 4.0) are posted
as follows.  Next step will be to put HTML versions with editorial markup in
Web3D Consortium's github version control.



As ever, comments welcome.


3.	X3D and glTF Comparison.  Anita is checking our most recent postings
that compared glTF and X3D, which led to full support of glTF capabilities
in X3D4.


*	Integrating X3D and glTF: How to Play Together Well on the WWW
*	Nicholas Polys, Ph.D., October, 2019
*	https://www.web3d.org/blog-integrating-x3d-and-gltf



*	X3D and glTF Features Comparison, 3 NOV 2017


Hoping to confirm that everything there is still correct. changes in X3D4
likely means that some of these entries need to be updated.


Review comments and improvements are welcome.


4.	Web3D Ecosystem and the Metaverse - SIGGRAPH 2022 BOF.  An excellent
presentation is now available:


*	Web3D Ecosystem and the Metaverse - SIGGRAPH 2022 BOF, Join the
Web3D Consortium for a discussion on how #X3D technology contributes to the
Metaverse. From Interactive Real-Time 3D, to Mixed Reality and Humanoid
Animation #HAnim for an open Metaverse.
*	https://twitter.com/Web3DConsortium/status/1553065575512911876
*	https://youtu.be/2T8WbIpdIDc


TODO: post two more videos from SIGGRAPH 2022 BOFs. hopefully next week.


5.	Metaverse Standards Forum.  As a Standards Development Organization
(SDO) Web3D Consortium is a founding member of Metaverse Standards Forum.
This work continues to ramp up rapidly, now with 1200 members.


*	Metaverse Standards Forum: Where Leading Standards Organizations and
Companies Cooperate to Foster Interoperability Standards for an Open
*	https://metaverse-standards.org


Web3D Consortium actually has a lot of available technology capabilities in
this space.  To learn more, please see


*	"The Metaverse Standards Forum provides a unique opportunity to
achieve secure, collaborative (interoperable), durable, and pervasive
Mixed-Reality content," said Nicholas Polys Ph.D., president of the Web3D
*	https://twitter.com/Web3DConsortium/status/1539412412377333761


6.	Or else.  Have fun with X3D!  8)


all the best, Don


Don Brutzman  Naval Postgraduate School, Code USW/Br        brutzman at nps.edu

Watkins 270,  MOVES Institute, Monterey CA 93943-5000 USA    +1.831.656.2149

X3D graphics, virtual worlds, Navy robotics https://


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