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The Web3D Consortium is an international, non-profit 501(c)(6), member-funded, industry Standards Development Organization (SDO) founded in 1997. 

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Mission Statement

The Web3D Consortium promotes deployment of ISO ratified X3D standards for the communication of interactive 3D scenes in multiple applications, use cases, platforms, and verticals. Offering robust Web-based 3D functionality and long-term stability for enterprise solutions and interoperability with other standards. 
Members collaboratively develop the X3D standards and tools making them widely adopted across diverse markets for academia, government, industry, and individuals. Today, the Web3D Consortium is utilizing its broad-based industry support to develop the X3D specification. 

X3D (Extensible 3D) is openroyalty-free  and ISO ratified. X3D originated from VRML and is available in XML, Compressed Binary, and classic VRML formats.

X3D is a scene-graph description language that integrates Web-enabled 3D graphics and multimedia.  X3D design supports 3D models as Web pages and includes similarities to HTML pages.

X3D is Web ready and supports wide range of applications. X3D runs on all platforms including laptops, tablets, phones, immersive headsets, and large-scale CAVES.

Participation includes both public and member-only activities. Join Web3D Consortium to take full advantage of these opportunities!

The Web3D Consortium with its members builds and maintains widely applicable X3D standards through well-coordinated Liaison Partnerships with International Standards Organization (ISO), Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) and other organizations. Members collaboratively develop the X3D standards and tools making them widely adopted by digital content creation industries across diverse  markets.

Formal Web3D Consortium By-Laws and code of conduct govern our organization.  Many groups claim to be "open" while their requirements for full membership are actually closed.  Web3D Consortium membership is fully open to industry, government agencies, academia and individual professionals.  All Web3D standardization efforts also receive public scrutiny and comments as milestone requirements prior to formal ISO approval as International Standards. All contributions are royalty-free for any use according to the Web3D Consortium Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Policy.

Web3D® and X3D® are trademarks owned by the Web3D Consortium.

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