X3D Ecosystem

The X3D Ecosystem Special Interest Group (SIG) brings together industry and 3D graphics expertise to improve the deployment X3D in realtime interactive 3D worlds. 


The X3D Ecosystem Special Interest Group's mission is to establish best practices and methods to enable the seamless integration of 3D worlds. This public group will be working to enable integration of 3D content across diverse domains, platforms, and end-users by extending Web3D‘s X3D and HAnim standards, X3D Pipeline, X3D authoring and conversion tools. Developing immediate solutions to real-world problems with the existing X3D standard. 

Motivations, Goals and Objectives

See the X3D Ecosystem Special Interest Group Charter for our motivations, goals and objectives. 

We will start with information gathering and testing from this list:

  • Video streaming rendering in X3DOM
  • OGC 3D Tiles support in X3DOM 
  • Unity and Three.js loaders 
  • Blender model import and export

Related Working Groups

All currently active Web3D working groups are likely to inform, adopt and demonstrate this work. Activities of this special interest group include:

  • Regularly invite new members to join 
  • Propose projects to improve interoperability of 3D scenes and applications 
  • Assess current 3D applications, 3D components and pipelines with respect to seamless integration
  • Solve immediate real world problems with available workflows and tools

Participation is open to all members of the Web3D Community. We welcome members of the Consortium and anyone else interested in this work to join. 


Casey Gomez | Versar | Email: cgomez@versar.com


X3D Ecosystem Charter

Casey Gomez | Versar | Email: cgomez@versar.com