Web3D Chapters

Web3D Chapters

Web3D Chapters can be formed internationally to help build on the many advantages provided by the Web3D Consortium and X3D Graphics International Standards. A Web3D chapter is a group of organized computer graphics professionals, organizations, practitioners and enthusiasts interested in promoting the Web3D Consortium’s goals and technologies. Their purpose is co-learning, concept creation, and social networking with Web3D technologists in their geographic area.

Chapter News

  • Web3D Korea Chapter works to standardize Web3D information technology, including digital media, based on providing communication-oriented service in Korea. 


Web3D Chapter Goals

A Chapter Group of the Web3D Consortium is a group of organized computer graphics professionals interested in promoting Web3D technologies. Their purpose is co-learning, concept creation, and social networking with Web3D technologists in their geographic area. They research and propose solutions to 1) the Consortium’s outreach programs 2) to the operational and marketing strategies of the Consortium and 3) the X3D specification for consideration by the formal Working Groups, the Board of Directors and General Membership. 

Within their local areas, chapters promote the work of the Web3D Consortium via their meetings and other activities. Each Web3D Consortium Chapter consists of individuals involved in marketing, education, research & development. They gather throughout the year at meetings, site visits, conferences, and special events. Chapter groups are essentially self-forming, self-regulating, self-funding and self-directed. Web3D Consortium chapter members are interested in the advancement of X3D and its related technologies and applications. They are not product-specific, but instead focus on issues and technologies in the attempt to develop and propagate an open standard for the industry. Additionally, a chapter is part of the larger Web3D Consortium community. Their purpose is co-learning, concept creation, and social networking with Web3D technologists in their geographic area.

Recognition of a Chapter

The Chapter group and its officers must submit a petition of recognition, together with their vision, mission and goals. This core group should designate their Chapter Group chair and a secretary-treasurer. These officers should preferably be from different local organizations. The Chapter Group must consist of at least five members. All members of the Chapter Group must be organizational, professional or student members of the Web3D Consortium. When submitting this petition, the Consortium requires its Chapters to have the name of the city or region, State and Country. This petition must be approved by the Board of Directors of the Consortium for formal recognition of the Chapter. Chapter group members and officers must be members of the Web3D Consortium.

The chapter will operate within the set bylaws of the Consortium similar to a Web3D Working Group.

Responsibilities of a Chapter

A chapter must hold a minimum of four meetings per year to be considered active. Chapter Group is responsible for managing and updating their Web Page on the Web3D Consortium website with their mission, goals, progress, activities and list of members. The Chapter Group is responsible for their own finances and budget. Finally, there should be regular contact with the Executive Director of the Consortium via e-mail, phone, videoconference or face to face meetings. Once a year, the secretary-treasurer must submit an annual chapter activity report. It is essential that the Chapter Group demonstrate activity and performance in the current year to continue it's existence.

How to Proceed

  1. Discuss your plan with your Web3D representative(s).
  2. Become a Web3d Member (Organizational or Academic).
  3. With steady growth of the Chapter, long term participation is expected to go from an Organizational level to a Directing level.
  4. Note: To start a chapter in your area an entity must be an Organizational Member. However to participate in a Chapter group one must at least have a professional membership.)
  5. Read the About Web3D pages, (especially Charter, By-laws, and IP) to find out if your goals match those of Wed3D.
  6. Submit your petition to the Board of Directors for the recognition of your Chapter Group.

If your organization is not currently a Web3D Member, your organization may wish to join Web3D. Please contact Web3D Executive Director Anita Havele if you are interested in pursuing a Chapter Group in your area.