Web3D  Webinar Series  - Learn X3D

Web3D consortium announces a series of educational webinars on X3D technology.

  • Connect with a global community of 3D application and content developers.
  • Explore the latest innovations and advancements in interactive X3D graphics. 
  • Hear from our strategic members as they outline our strategy and activities of Web3D Consortium. 
  • See member use cases and explore your possibilities of building open 3D applications.  

Web3D is making lifetime 3D easily attainable, interoperable, and reusable through our active member community. JOIN WEB3D * CREATE X3D  and partner with us as we build the next generation OPEN 3D platform! These free webinars are open to all. Sign up now!

Our 2024 Webinar Series will begin soon. Monthly webinars will follow, highlighting our technology and member projects. 

 These webinars will be recorded and archived to our YouTube Channel. 

Upcoming 2024 Webinars

Title Speaker Date      Description
Integrating WebXR Content in X3DOM Dr. Nicholas Polys To be announced

Integrating WebXR Content in X3DOM: Supporting Navigation and Custom Functions in X3D Scenes

X3D the HTML way! Dr. Nicholas Polys To be announced This webinar focuses on some fascinating aspects of the modern standards ecosystem that support the Web-based 3D scences. Today we will see how using the Document Object Model (DOM), the X3D scene graph is now part of the web page, enables web authors to operate on 3D scene elements directly.
Architectural and BIM applications of X3D visualization. Dr. Vince Marchetti To be announced

This webinar will present examples of using X3D to visualize architectural scenes as well as BIM, Building Information Modeling, content. Live web based X3D scenes will be demonstrated and the authoring tools and techniques used to create the X3D scenes will be explained.

X3D Security Dr. Don Brutzman  

To be announced

Security is an essential part of Web activity. The X3D4 Architecture is designed for creation and publication of secure models that simply avoid vectors for end-user vulnerabilities. A full power of Web Security can be applied to X3D Graphics models. Learn and see examples to how to apply World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) security standards for XML Encryption (privacy) and XML Digital Signature (authentication) to X3D scenes. 

Web3D Previous  Webinars: These webinars will be recorded and archived to our YouTube Channel. 

Title Date Time Description
Authoring Interactive Dynamic X3D and glTF Together 

Dr. Vincent Marchetti Recording

31 May 2022 11AM -12:15 PM Eastern  X3D4.0 provides a powerful run-time environment for displaying models available as glTF assets. This webinar will introduce using X3D to add visual annotation to glTF assets, provide powerful navigation and exploration aids, and combine  assets from multiple sources in a single scene.
Member Spotlight:
Virginia Tech

Dr. Nicholas Polys

25 April 2022 10AM -11AM Eastern In this webinar, Dr. Nicholas Polys will present historical and recent work showcasing how Web3D Consortium Membership helps to fulfill Virginia Tech's institutional mission.  For over 18 years, Web3D Standards such as VRML and X3D have catalyzed our innovations from education to research to application. Through project case studies we will share how we find value in actively developing the Standard and tools to improve reproducibility and access to 3D worlds. Finally we will outline our priorities going forward and discuss strategic goals for the future.

Physically Based Rendring(PBR) in X3D, using glTF in X3D4.0   (Archives) Recording

29 March 2022 10AM -11AM EDT   An overview of the new features in X3D4.0 related to materials, lighting and textures. Details
Web3D Member Meeting


3 Aug 2020 10AM-1PM EDT Annual report, Roadmap, Case Studies, WG activities and X3D4
Learn X3D


4 Aug 2020 10AM-1PM EDT Learn to Build and Publish in X3D. Industry Examples.
X3D Browsers


5 Aug 2020 10AM-1PM EDT OpenSource X3D Browsers FreeWRL, X3DOM, X_ITE, Castle Game Engine
X3D Authoring Tools


6 Aug 2020 10AM-1PM EDT TITANIA and White Dune