Dr. Johannes Behr

Organization Member
Dr. Johannes Behr

Head of the “Visual Computing System Technologies” group (igd.fraunhofer.de/vcst)

CPO & Co-Founder of Threedy GmbH - instant3Dhub.

Dr.-Ing. Johannes Behr received his doctoral degree from the Darmstadt University of Technology in 2005. Johannes Behr has been working in the field of visual computing since 2003, when they began their role as department head of visual computing system technologies at Fraunhofer IGD. From 2008 to 2020  he lead the VR-group of the "Virtual and Augmented Reality" department and then as head of the "Visual Computing System Technologies"  department which coordinates the current and future efforts to develop the InstantReality and the X3DOM frameworks. In this role,  led a group of researchers working on various applied R&D projects in the field of visual computing, including virtual- and augmented reality, computer graphics, and computer vision. Johannes also led the extended team that developed instant3dhub.

In 2020, he became CPO & Co-Founder of Threedy GmbH - instant3Dhub.