Permission or License to Use Content

The Web3D Consortium posts presentation slides and recordings of presentations on it's web site or portions of other sites that it manages (e.g., YouTube). In order for this to be allowed, you, as the designated author, must provide the Consortium with a license to use the material or declare that it falls under one of the standard sharing licenses.

The Consortium is not requesting ownership nor exclusive license to publish the material.

License Descriptions

If you are presenting at a Consortium-affiliated event, please provide the requested information below. There are two licenses requested

  1. DIsplay the content of the presentation
  2. Make and display a recording of the presentation.

You may choose the same or different licenses for these requests.


Terms & Conditions

Note: If the copyright Owner and the Author are not the same, the Owner or an authorized agent of the Owner must sign the Agreement. If the work is jointly owned, the parties must authorize one among them to sign as the duly authorized agent of the Owners.

Granting of Rights

You as copyright owner (or authorized agent), author, or presenter (select below) grant to the Web3D Consortium an irrevocable license selected below OR no license (indicate below) for the content being presented at Web3D2016 (including Friday open meeting) and/or SIGGRAPH 2016.

Except in the case where No License is indicated, you warrant that

  1. Owner is the sole owner or authorized agent of Owner(s) of the Work;
  2. The undersigned is authorized to enter into this Agreement and grant the rights to Web3D Consortium contemplated hereby;
  3. The Work is original and does not infringe the rights of any third party; all permissions for use of third-party materials consistent in scope and duration with the rights granted to Web3D Consortium have been obtained, copies of such permissions have been provided to Web3D Consortium, and the Work as submitted to Web3D Consortium clearly and accurately indicates the credit to the proprietors of any such third-party materials (including any applicable copyright notice);
  4. The Auxiliary Materials, if any, contain no malicious code, virus, trojan horse or other software routines or hardware components designed to permit unauthorized access or to disable, erase or otherwise harm any computer systems or software.

By providing your name and other personal information, you agree to the above terms and that the license selected below shall be used for your content.

All questions should be directed to the Executive Director who can be reached via the Web3D Contact Page.

The Web3D sponsored or affiliated event where this content was (or to be) presented.
The title of the content to include all supplementary information
The author or authors of the content. This should be in the same order as listed in the content. It is assumed that the person filling out the form as the authorization to sign for everyone. If the presenter is not the author filling in this form, then the presenter must fill out the form separately.
The copyright owner or authorized agent.
Select the license that is appropriate for this content
Select the license that is appropriate for the recording. Note that the recording license SHALL be at least as permissive as the content license.
Full legal name of person filling this form
The author's email address that will receive correspondence and a copy of this submission