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Another successful VR Hackathon in Brussels, Belgium
2016 Oct 24
X3D Graphics and VR" presentation for Open Web Platform (OWP) available for W3C Workshop on Web and VR
2016 Oct 21
Friday 14 October 2016 is World Standards Day! ISO will tweet about it all week.
2016 Oct 10
Bye Bye plugins!
2016 Oct 7
What a great and eventful week at Web3D 2016 and SIGGRAPH 2016! Truly demonstrating 3D for ALL. The high quality of the papers, presentations and discussions make us the leading forum for Web3D researchers, providers and users to meet, discuss and test the advancement of 3D on the Web. We would like to thank all our presenters and the Web3D community for their commitment and continued support of our vision for an open 3D Web.
2016 Aug 1
Web3D Consortium will showcase open interactive and Immersive 3D solutions for the Web. Prepare to be amazed by the depth and breadth of this Web3D graphics community at Web3D 2016 and SIGGRAPH 2016 conferences in Anaheim, California - July 22-28, 2016 . This year’s theme “3D for All” emphasizes the importance of 3D graphics and printing, including virtual and augmented reality for use in various application domains, including: industry, medicine, entertainment, education, social interactions, and geographical information systems. Join us to build the future 3D Web!
2016 Jul 18
Web3D 2016 Conference - Regular registration ends 1 July 2016. Web3D 2016 an annual international conference for 3D Graphics and interactive techniques celebrates it’s 21st year. This year’s theme — “3D for All” — emphasizes the importance 3D graphics.
2016 Jun 22
Explore innovative 3D solution and technologies including Virtual Reality.
2016 Jun 1