SIGGRAPH 2017 Wrap Up

Web3D Bookmark, SIGGRAPH 2017

We hope you had an amazing time at SIGGRAPH 2017 in Los Angeles! SIGGRAPH is the world’s largest conference in computer graphics and interactive techniques. Web3D Consortium was featured as an exhibitor among hundreds of other companies.  Members are creating the future of computer graphics, participating in several Birds Of a Feather (BOF) presentations and discussions. See our Twitter feed to follow all the news! Presentations are attached at the bottom of this page. 

SIGGRAPH was a great place for Web3D Consortium to showcase what open 3D standards has to offer for interactive enterprise 3D solutions across the ecosystem. From 3D printing to content creation and Web publishing, X3D is the Backbone, the greatest-common-denominator, for describing and delivering interactive 3D Worlds. Networking with the community this year, we saw increased X3D support in several tools including Blender and Unity, along with a new Chrome extension reduce the gap between content developer tools and rendering interactive 3D.

The top highlights were:

  1. Seeing widespread interest and support for open 3D graphics standards!

    1. Our SIGGRAPH 2017 Exhibition booth gave us a great chance to meet practitioners and researchers who can benefit from using X3D.

    2. A new native Chrome extension for X3D / X3DOM was released from Synergy Software Design (SSD).

    3. Samsung GearVRf supports X3D on millions of devices worldwide.

  2. Hearing from open standards old and new users about their enterprise project requirements and use of X3D

    1. Our Web-Wide Interactive 3D BOF showcased X3D applications with talks from Christophe Mouton, EDF; Mike Russalesi, Synergy Software; Max Limper, Fraunhofer IGD; Nicholas Polys, Virginia Tech; Anita Havele, Web3D Consortium; Mitch Williams, Samsung.

    2. Immersive Visualization for Science, Research, and Art BOF;  Dr. Polys presented recent VT work in multiple facilities and use of X3D across platforms.

  3. Meeting leaders of the 3D graphics and animation industry and discussing the convergence of our technologies

    1. Carto BOF - Polys & Russalesi present X3D minutes 8-27; an online video that includes Cesium & ESRI presentations. 

    2. The Web3D Korea Chapter presentations highlighted many new projects and activities in the X3D ISO standardization pipeline.

    3. Web3D Consortium members attended the Khronos Summit and discussed the current X3D + GlTF integration examples.

We are looking forward to another great year of innovation!  Join the Web3D Consortium as we make X3D the backbone for interactive enterprise 3D across all "application verticals." Our Working Groups are open to all members.