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All of the content in these videos was made with Web3D Consortium's ISO standards (X3D, VRML; H-Anim). Open Standards for Real-Time 3D Communication: Web-ready, Enterprise-approved.

Using Fraunhofer's InstantReality player, complex industrial processes can easily be visualized.

Reality Filtering enables context sensitive overlays of original historic drawings of missing paintings or lost architecture. For a seamless integration we are rendering the reality in the style of the original drawing (here: black and white).

During the "A Future for the Past" exhibition of Allard Pierson Museum ( in Amsterdam we are presenting two Augmented Reality applications on the MovableScreen: A virtual reconstruction of Satricum and an annotated landscape on a 1855 photograph of Forum Romanum (Rome Reborn).

RayGun is all about moving 3D interactive displays to the smart phone. Planet 9 Studios developed this application showing a 3D social media and interaction tool.

Bitmanagement's BS Contact Geo can real-time render Earth scenes from the ground to space.

Planet 9 Studios developed 3D models of portions of US Navy bases to assist the the defense of those bases.