Humanoid Animation (H-Anim) Working Group Charter


The H-Anim Working Group recommends standard semantics for skin, skeletons and internal organs for real-time animation of anthropomorphic avatars and other skeletal life forms at discrete levels of articulation. The Working Group proffers prototypes, exemplars, best practices and techiques to integrate and interchange anthropometric, anthropomorphic and motion capture data into realtime humanoid animations.


  • To complete the tasks in the New Work Item Proposal that ISO approved
  • Recruit animators, illustrators and professionals in articulated forms (for example, animals, robots, humans, etc.) to join the H-Anim Working Group
  • Cooperate and collaborate with Medical Working Group on common models for medical use
  • Increase the participation and productivity of each H-Anim Working Group member
  • Advertise and market the knowledge of the H-Anim standard and authoring humanoid animations to the pipeline of humanoid animators


The H-Anim Working Group follows the Web3D practices stated in Working Group Practices.


The H-Anim Working Group meets by teleconference every first Wednesday of the month unless the quorum reschedules to ensure a quorum for a meeting.


Regular participation in H-Anim Working Group is restricted to Web3D Consortium members. Web3D Consortium members may invite non-members, at the approval of either Co-Chair, to participate in specific and limited H-Anim Working Group activities.

Dependencies and Liaisons

The H-Anim Working Group liaises with other Web3D Consortium working groups, the IEEE Standards Association (SA) Industry Connections (IC), and Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine (DICOM). Anthropometric and motion capture data and devices are found in several industry verticals (e.g., automotive design, surgical planning, and fashion) so the H-Anim Working Group reaches out to relevant industry consortia to elicit requirements for revising the H-Anim standard to increase its adoption rate in product design.


H-Anim Working Group communications (e.g., meeting agenda and minutes) are posted in a H-Anim Working Group mailing list restricted to the Web3D Consortium. Participants have the discretion to release this information to the public.


The H-Anim Working Group administers its web page on the Web3D Consortium website and members-only mailing list (

Creation, and Approval Dates

This charter was approved by the Web3D Consortium Board of Directors on 2017-02-20.