X3D Working Group Charter



The Extensible 3D (X3D) Graphics Working Group leads and coordinates all working groups within the Web3D Consortium. The X3D Working Group develops specifications of core technologies for the X3D suite of standards, the integration of the specifications for non-core technologies, and coordinating the technical aspects of all Web3D working group efforts.


The X3D working group is long standing and has a set of general ongoing goals. These are:

  • Make X3D the international standard for publishing real-time interactive 3D graphics on the web.
  • Develop specifications and manage the ISO/IEC process to create International Standards for X3D, ensuring that the X3D architecture remains consistent over time.
  • Review new technologies, integrate submitted technologies and liaise with external organizations.
  • Coordinate all X3D specification activities, seeking Board of Directors approval for the submission of specifications to ISO/IEC and shepherding the specifications through the ISO/IEC document ratification process.
  • Ensure technical content contributed by other Consortium Working Groups for inclusion into the X3D specifications are consistent with the X3D architecture.
  • Process X3D specification comments, whether from Web3D Consortium members or the public.
  • Review, maintain and extend X3D implementation resources and best practices.
  • Promote X3D usage and development publicly to the wider community and industry.


The X3D working group follows Web3D practices stated in Working Group Practices.

The role of X3D community has been crucial throughout every stage of development for the VRML and X3D International Standards.  The public community of interested Web authors has always been a principal stakeholder for success, and indeed is often a primary driver of long-term progress.  Open public discussion and periodic community review of key issues remains an essential activity for the X3D Working Group.

X3D and related working groups maintain an agenda of planned specification milestone activities.  For example: preparing formal comments for submission of a specification document, either to INCITS national body or ISO/IEC standards committees. 


The Working Group holds a weekly teleconference and face-to-face meetings annually at the Siggraph and Web3D conferences.


The X3D Working Group is a Web3D Consortium members-only activity. Non-member experts may be invited to participate in topics of special interest. The leadership of the Working Group consists of two co-chairs.

Dependencies and Liaisons

The X3D Working Group provides technical support for the Web3D Consortium Liaisons and Partnerships.


Working group communications are published in the X3D members-only mailing list. At the discretion of the Working Group, information may also be released to the public.


X3D Members-only mailing list address – x3d@web3d.org
Public Working Group page - http://www.web3d.org/working-groups/x3d

Approval Date

This charter was approved by the Web3D Consortium Board of Directors on 2017-01-09.