X3D Cookbook

The X3D Cookbook is a project to collect examples of X3D scenes which each serve as an example illustrating an X3D capability or visualization technique. The Cookbook grows out of a tutorial  Building Dynamic Interactive X3D Scenes: A Cookbook presented at Web3D 2019 Conference.


When possible the Cookbook examples will be available at glitch projects. glitch.com is website offering an online development environment for websites and will be used for examples that are viewed with a Javascript/WebGL based X3D viewer such as X3DOM or X-ITE. The Cookbook examples, or recipes, now available as glitch projects are:

  1. Controlled-motion : https://glitch.com/~control-motion
  2. Annotations: https://glitch.com/~annotate-visibility
  3. Heads Up Display : https://glitch.com/~headsup-laser