W3C Workshop: Web and Virtual Reality

The combination of improvements in hardware and software capabilities have brought lots of renewed interest in virtual reality experiences. Many of these improved capabilities are available in modern browsers via the Open Web Platform (OWP), and thus make the Web a promising ecosystem to create, distribute and enjoy virtual reality applications and services.
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
Wednesday, 2016, October 19 - 12:00am to Thursday, 2016, October 20 - 12:00am
Mountain View, CA, USA

Web3D Consortium workshop presentation:  X3D Graphics and VR

W3C is organizing the workshop to look at the intersection of Web and Virtual Reality technologies. The workshop aims at enabling sharing experiences between practitioners of the field, discuss existing gaps in the Web platform that make some Virtual Reality use cases difficult or impossible in browsers today, and explore what future standards are needed to pave the way for the Web to be one of the major VR platforms.

Expected topics of the Workshop include:

  • displaying stereoscopic content
  • detecting & adapting to characteristics of VR headsets
  • handling new input methods for VR (gamepad, hand position, etc.)
  • accessible user interfaces and interoperability considerations across VR applications
  • innovative VR applications that provide novel accessibility supports
  • 3D audio
  • 3D media synchronization
  • declarative 3D scenes
  • interoperable formats and codecs for 3D and 360 content
  • displaying and interacting with 360 video and images from HTML
  • bringing VR as progressive enhancement to classic Web browsing
  • 3D video capture (3D camera) and processing (e.g. scene perception)
  • streaming 3D/360 content, streaming real-time 3D content
  • obstacles to high framerate rendering of 3D

The event is open to all; position statements or expression of interests will be required to participate, due by 16 September 2016.

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Thu, 2016-07-07


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X3D Graphics and VR Don Brutzman 2016-10-18 W3C Workshop: Web and Virtual Reality /