Call for Papers: Web3D2012

The 17th ACM International Web3D Conference will address a wide range of research topics related to Web-based 3D Graphics. The Conference will be held in Los Angeles in conjunction with SIGGRAPH 2012 on August 4-5, 2012.

The annual ACM Web3D Conference is a major event that gathers researchers, developers, entrepreneurs, experimenters, artists, and content creators in a dynamic environment. Attendees can share and explore methods of using, enhancing, and creating new 3D Web and Multimedia technologies, such as WebGL and HTML5 (which is a hot topic in Computer Graphics), Flash/ Stage 3D, X3D, COLLADA, and the MPEG family. The conference highlights capabilities and trends in interactive 3D graphics across a wide range of applications and supports research from mobile devices up to high-end immersive environments.

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Topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Modeling, processing, analysis and rendering of complex geometry, structure, and behaviors
  • 3D search, shape matching and indexing
  • Rendering algorithms and standardization and visualization of large data sets
  • Interaction methods for online 3D content
  • Interactive 3D graphics for mobile devices
  • Mixed and Augmented Reality (including standardization aspects)
  • Agents, animated humanoids, and complex reactive characters
  • Remote rendering and streaming
  • Stereo and multi-view visualization of 3D graphic interfaces
  • High-performance 3D graphics for distributed environments, tele-presence, tele-operation, and 3D broadcasting
  • Web, multimedia and standards integration and interoperation.

Authors are also invited to submit advances in the above technologies applied to multimedia applications in:

  • Automotive, Security, Transport Industries
  • Life sciences and healthcare
  • Geospatial modeling and digital cities
  • Public sector and tourism
  • Cultural heritage and E-learning.


The full call for papers is at

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Thu, 2012-01-12