Cobweb is now X_ITE

Cobweb an X3D player is now X_ITE.

Check out the new face of Cobweb now called X_ITE designed to maximize developer productivity. X_ITE creates powerful X3D scenes with the rich set of X3D nodes making development not only productive but also an enjoyable experience.

X_ITE implements a high-performance X3D player in open-source JavaScript. Authors can publish X3D source within an HTML5 page that works in modern Web browsers without prior plugin installation.

Several bug fixes and added functionalty: Wow! 

  • Better font support for polygon text.
  • Better mouse wheel reaction in walk viewer.
  • The X3DCanvas element can now be styled in Internet Expolorer (IE), this is important if the fallback is visible.
  • X3D functions for external browser are now called when scenes are loaded.
  • Changed handling of fallback css attribute display.
  • Package is now available via and jsDelivr.
  • NPM is now the package management system.

Multiple Web3D Consortium assets have been updated to take advantage of excellent capabilities provided by X_ITE.  Updates include 3900 models in the X3D Example Archives (example HelloWorldX_ITE.html), X3D to DOM conversion stylesheet, X3D-Edit authoring tool, and the X3D Java Scene Authoring Interface Library (X3DJSAIL).

Also published: Web3D Consortium tweet "New release: Cobweb player is now X_ITE #X3D Player. Have you seen this? Wow!"

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Release Date: 
Fri, 2017-09-22