Declarative 3D: Community Group Leads Real-time 3D + Web Rationalization

The Web3D Consortium has joined forces with the W3C and Khronos standards organizations to launch an open Community Group chartered to examine the requirements, options, and use cases for an integration of interactive 3D graphics capabilities into the W3C technology stack.

Platforms for 3D delivery over the web have been evolving for almost two decades. Recent developments such as the HTML5 <canvas> tag and WebGL open up a huge new audience and channel for interactive 3D since no plug-in is required to visualize complex 3D data and build rich 3D-enabled web applications. Throughout the development of HTML5 and its TPACs, the Web3D Consortium provided key input regarding motivation, goals and examples of how the ISO standard X3D scene graph can be integrated with the DOM.

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Fri, 2011-08-05