Fraunhofer announces new releases of X3dom and Instant Reality

In commemoration of the Web3D 20th anniversary Fraunhofer announces new releases of X3DOM(1.7) and Instant Reality(2.5.1)

In  commemoration of the Web3D 20th anniversary Fraunhofer releases new versions of X3dom 1.7  and Instant Reality - 2.5.1 

The new Instant reality release features a new mesh optimization tool MOPS and several stability fixes. You can download this new version at:

With a new X3DOM home page, here are some important updates included in this new X3dom release:

  *   CommonSurfaceShader now also supports object-space normal 

  *   ExternalGeometry node now has a multi-field for the data URL

  *   Basic TriangleSet implementation

  *   alphaClipThreshold attribute in appearance node 

  *   Improvements in geospatial components 

  *   New documentation and tutorial on runtime configuration and SSAO implementation

  *   Several other fixes


Press Release: 
Release Date: 
Thu, 2015-06-18