Implementing Standards has Economic Benefits

ISO has completed a second study in two years showing that implementing standards provides benefits to companies by increased efficiency, reduced risk, increased international expansion, and new product & market development.

The International Standards Organization (ISO) has released its second case study in two years detailing the benefits to companies by implementing standards. The benefits accrue independent of size, bsuiness sector, or country. The reports quantifies benefits in:

  • Streamlining internal company processes
  • Decreasing waste and internal costs
  • Increasing the efficiency of R&D
  • Innovating business processes
  • Reducing risk
  • Enabling international expansion
  • Supporting development of new products and markets

The studies are compiled in the second volume of Economic benefits of standards - International case studies, recently published by ISO.

The case studies (Volume 1 and 2) along with a number of reports from ISO are available on ISO's web site.

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ISO press release

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Thu, 2012-09-20