The Keys to an Open, Interoperable Metaverse, Position Paper

Web3D Consortium's position paper on the confusion with the term ‘Metaverse’ and the key issues that have kept the Metaverse from manifesting the last two decades: user experience and corporate cooperation.
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With this position paper, Web3D Consortium seeks to address this confusion by exploring the history of the ‘Metaverse’ that has led us to our current state, providing a workable definition of the term ‘Metaverse’, and providing a vision for its sustainable, cooperative construction into the future. We believe that all the technologies are in place to fulfill the vision of an open, equitable, and ubiquitous information space. What remains are the key issues that have kept the Metaverse from manifesting the last two decades: user experience and corporate cooperation.

Read more at: The keys to an open, interoperable metaverse

Join us as members of the Web3D Consortium are working to provide a technology that will provide for the interoperability between interactive 3D worlds to enable an open, unified Metaverse. Using Web3D and W3C standards, we can enable users to be represented in one Metaverse and move seamlessly in and out of others.

 Join your fellow 3D Graphics technologists at the in-person and online Web3D 2022 Confernce (2-4 November, 2022 in Paris, France as we discuss and share how Web3D innovations contribute to the Metaverse. This year's theme is "Connected 3D Universes" providing new visions on how an unified Metaverse may become a game-changer for the  future of 3D communication and the role Web3D technologies will play. 

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Sun, 2022-06-05