New Release of Instant Reality

After a long beta version Instant Reality has an official version 2.0 release.

After a long beta version Instant Reality has an official version 2.0 release. Besides several bugfixes this release includes many new features.

New Base Features
New and much easier license installation process with xxx.irlicense mime-types
Realtime texture-compression to improve cluster-rendering (e.g. for movies)
SAI plugins now support DOM access for X3DOM (
New download/ creation manager which creates a context in parallel – used in Inline and GeoLOD nodes
New W3C XMLHttpRequest object in JavaScript

New Nodes
Geospatial: GeoPositionInterpolator, GeoProximitySensor, GeoElevationGrid, GeoLOD, GeoOrigin, GeoTouchSensor, GeoMetadata, GeoViewpoint, GeoLocation, GeoCoordinate
TreeSensor: BboxSensor2D
Geometry3D: SphericalHarmonics
Shader: SurfaceShader, CommonSurfaceShader, SurfaceShaderTexture

New Devices
Replaced Wii backend with a new implementation that has improved support for buttons, accelerometer, IR cmera, board, event rumble and LED output.
SHORE-FaceTracker: integrated Fraunhofer IIS – SHORE FaceDetector
TUIO-backend: InstantIO TUIO 1.1 device support for receiving 2D, 2.5D, 3D udp packages.
NI-Backend: Microsoft Kinect and other OpenNI compatible devices supporting camera color and depth frames, skeleton tracking, user and gesture recognition.

Improved Base Features
Large-Scene rendering performance: New hierarchic small feature culler (check Environment.smallFeatureCullingMode)

There is also a new online section that provides EXAMPLES of some of these new features.

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Tue, 2011-02-01