Review of Comments on Abstract SAI (19775-2)

The Web3D Consortium announces the community and public review of the Abstract SAI Draft International Standard ballot Comment Document.

The Web3D Consortium is offering the community an opportunity to review the ISO/IEC 19775-2 (Abstract SAI) Draft International Standard (DIS) ballot Comment Document.

This document is in response to the ISO/IEC (DIS) ballot currently underway. Most of the comments are changes to improve the readability and accuracy of the specification. All comments are made against our online version of ISO/IEC DIS 19775-2 (Abstract SAI).

You are welcome to review and comment on the Comment Document or the specification. Please use this form and select ‘19775-2: Abstract SAI’ as the Specification on which you are commenting. The section needs to refer to the section number in the specification. Any comments must be received by 11AM PST (GMT-0800) on 11 Nov 2013 to be considered.

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Tue, 2013-11-05