Transforming 3D: Web3D2013 Conference celebrates innovative 3D

The 18th annual International Web3D Conference will showcase X3D. The program includes paper presentations, tutorials, workshops and our ever popular Web3D Showcase.

Transforming 3D: The 18th Annual Web3D Conference celebrates innovative 3D


The annual international Web3D Conference hosted by Vicomtech to be held from 19-22 June 2013 in San Sebastian, Spain will explore methods of using, enhancing and creating 3D Web and multimedia including X3D the only open, royalty-free and ISO-certified technology for interactive 3D graphics. The program includes paper presentations, tutorials, workshops and the ever popular Web3D Showcase.


The eighteenth annual International Web3D Conference will be hosted by our member Vicomtech. This is a major annual event that unites researchers, developers, and content creators in a dynamic learning environment to address a wide range of topics related to 3D multimedia on the Web. With peer-reviewed papers, workshops, tutorials, and panels, the Web3D Conference provides a potent opportunity to discuss advances in Web3D including the latest research activities and industry standards initiatives. Mr. Doob, of three.js fame and Alain Chesnais, founder of Visual Transitions and former ACM President, will provide the keynotes on Thursday and Friday respectively.

At the Conference, industry leaders will demonstrate new and innovative techniques with Extensible 3D’s data integration capacities and the rich set of componentized features of X3D. Interoperable X3D systems are impacting areas such as Geospatial, Augmented Reality, CAD, and Medical/volume visualization applications. Such robust, cross-platform web applications prove once again that X3D is a compelling, interoperable expression for interactive networked virtual environments. X3D has been delivering and innovating content from high-end immersive platforms to consumer 3D TVs to mobile devices for over 15 years. In addition, the Web3D Consortium and its members are pioneering real-time scene graph harmonization with HTML5, WebGL and the DOM e.g. X3DOM.

We will present our recent progress on these cutting-edge projects such as Declarative 3D, 3D Compression and X3D Futures. An open meeting will be held on Wednesday 19 June 2013 to discuss these projects. In all these areas, the Web3D Consortium leads the charge to insure the interoperability, longevity and ownership of your 3D content.

Come join us and network with 3D Web experts and learn about the recent trends in 3D Web. Onsite registration is available.The Web3D Conference is co-sponsored by ACM SIGGRAPH in cooperation with Eurographics, and the Web3D Consortium with sponsorships from Vicomtech, EDF, Bitmanagement, Wildpeaks and others. There has been no better time to discuss X3D technologies and also join the Web3D Consortium. We look forward to your participation. To join, please visit us at:

About the Web3D Consortium:

The Web3D Consortium is a member-driven organization involved in many technical initiatives across the 4D value chain. The Web3D Consortium is a member-funded industry consortium committed to the creation and deployment of open, royalty-free standards that enable the communication of real-time 3D across applications, networks, and XML web services. The Web3D Consortium is a hub of international standardization efforts, engaging in cooperative projects with other principal organizations such as the W3C (HTML5 and Declarative 3D), DICOM (n-dimensional presentation states), IMS (eLearning) and OGC (geospatial web services for real-time interactive portrayal) and European Commission co-funded research FINE.


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