Web3D Consortium Awards Professional Memberships to Community Contributors

John Carlson and Andreas Plesch are major contributors in the X3D Graphics community. The Web3D Consortium is proud to recognize their important efforts and award them with Professional Membership for 2016.

The Web3D Consortium members work closely with community participants to advance 3D Graphics on the Web.  The Extensible 3D (X3D) Graphics International Standard has always been spurred forward by volunteer contributions and broad public review.

Important initiatives often emerge from the Projects Wish List which provides advice about specific ways to get involved. There are many interesting projects with potentially broad impact that are looking for energetic developers.

Recognizing the critical role that individuals can play in building the 3D Web, two Web professionals have made especially important impacts.

X3D JSON loader used with D3 Data-Driven Documents VisualizationJohn Carlson has been instrumental in development of a new JSON Encoding for X3D Graphics.  He has created an open-source JavaScript loader that can be used by many Web libraries and Web developers.  A recent X3D JSON Loader visualization video posted on Twitter shows it working as part of the powerful D3 Data-Driven Documents library.

  • John states: "The open-source X3DJSONLD project is a proof-of-capability project that is steadily adding features.  Recent work includes JSON schema validation and even JSON URLs.  Hopefully this continuing progress will spur our partners to add X3D JSON encoding to their portfolios. so we can have a complete X3D solution for any platform."

X3D graphics is quite adaptable.  Another professional also builds 3D on the Web using the same stable technology.

GeoWebMap innovation with X3D and OpenLayersAndreas Plesch has made multiple contributions to the open-source X3DOM player, especially supporting efforts of the X3D Geospatial Working Group.  He has proposed important new capabilities for X3D version 4 and is currently investigating addition of general support for geospatial reference frames.

  • Andreas reports: "I found that X3D as a stable, tested and fully featured platform can support rapid geospatial web development while future proofing any investment. For example, I can enable VR in my legacy X3D web apps quite effortlessly."


Web3D Professional Membership provides a number of valuable benefits.  Highlights include:

  • Member Access: great opportunities to network and collaborate with leading Web3D experts.
  • Working Group Participation:  X3D, CAD, Geospatial, Cultural and Natural Heritage, Humanoid Animation (H-Anim), Medical Visualization, and Mixed Augmented Reality (MAR).
  • Opportunities for  Consortium Leadership:  Board of Directors (BoD) annual elections include community representatives.

Web3D Consortium members are proud to recognize John and Andreas for their important and ongoing contributions.  Please join us in congratulating them on their many achievements!

About.  The Web3D Consortium is an international, non-profit, member funded, industry standards development organization. Web3D Consortium members create and promote open standards for real-time 3D communication.  Membership is open to industry, government agencies, academic institutions and individual professionals.

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Mon, 2016-02-29