Web3D Member Fraunhofer Announces Release of X3DOM V1.6

X3DOM V1.6.1 was released on 24 July by Fraunhofer IGD. This version adds support for clip plane, two-sided material, and sphere sensor.

Web3D Consortium member Fraunhofer IGD released V1.6.1 of X3DOM on 24 July. X3DOM is a JavaScript framework that displays X3D content in a browser without any plugin or other software. It is built upon WebGL and parses X3D nodes placed directly in HTML or from an external resource. This release contains new features, fixes, and corrections from the previous release.


  • ClipPlane support
  • TwoSidedMaterial support
  • SphereSensor support

Fixes and Enhancements

  • Improved GeoOrigin support
  • Multi-touch support for TURNTABLE navigation
  • Fixed shader removing from appearance
  • Moved fog application to the correct place
  • Fixed ElevationGrid setAttribute
  • Increase X3D compliance: don’t encode urls at sight
  • Fixed calculation of bounding box for Flash backend
  • Added fog to the Flash backend
  • Fixed normal transformation for the Flash backend
  • Fixed the check for enabled double-click

See the complete release information at X3DOM V1.6.1 Release page.

Press Release: 
Release Date: 
Tue, 2014-07-29