Web3D Members Showcase X3D Graphics at SIGGRAPH 2013

Amazing innovative X3D solutions for HTML5 and the 3D Web will be presented at SIGGRAPH 2013 in BoFs, Tech Talk, and the Exhibition.

SIGGRAPH 2013 in Anaheim, California July 21-25 is the largest annual conference for computer graphics. During this major event, Web3D Consortium members are showing the broad impacts of multiple application using X3D Graphics, the royalty-free International Standards for 3D graphics over the Web. SIGGRAPH booth 233 is our origin point! The Web3D Consortium also sponsors several events including Birds-of-a-Feather meetings and a special ‘Tech Talk’ session, the X3D Showcase.

Web data-integration capabilities and a rich set of componentized features are expanding for X3D. Working groups are providing new value in critical industry application areas such as Augmented/Mixed Reality, CAD, Geospatial and Medical. Robust, cross-platform web applications again prove that X3D is a compelling, interoperable technology ranging from mobile devices to interactive networked virtual environments to large-scale CAVE displays. In Booth 233, key members Bitmanagement and Fraunhofer IGD will demonstrate industrial-strength X3D software and applications. The Web3D Tech Talk and reception on Wednesday July 24 at 3:45 PM is a must-attend event showcasing X3D applications delivering rich 3D Web media that is interactive, narrative and immersive in a virtual space for CAD, Mobile, GIS, Medical and Augmented/Mixed Reality (AR). Attend our Town Hall Meeting and BOF sessions to learn more about the standard and its many applications. There has been no better time to discuss X3D technologies and join this innovative 3D Web community.

Come visit us on the show floor in Booth 233. Join the Web3D community at their Tech Talk and reception showcasing their incredible X3D innovations (Wednesday July 24 at 3:45 PM). You won’t believe it’s all real time! Come network with leading Web3D technologists and join the revolution. This is a must-attend event to educate yourself in emerging developments. More X3D technology can be found at multiple SIGGRAPH Birds of the Feather sessions including: X3D Futures, X3DOM, Computer Aided Design (CAD), Medical Visualization, Augmented/Mixed Reality, and a Web3D Consortium Town Hall meeting. Detailed information on all Web3D events at SIGGRAPH.

X3D is the leading royalty-free standard and run-time architecture to communicate 3D scenes on the Web. Recently released X3D V3.3 specification updates are available at web3d.org. We are open: companies, universities and individuals are welcome to join the Web3D Consortium. We look forward to your participation.

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Wed, 2013-07-17